The value of assets that can be converted into cash immediately, as reported by a company. Usually includes bank accounts and marketable securities, such as government bonds and Banker's Acceptances. Cash equivalents on balance sheets include securities ( e.g., notes) that mature within 90 days. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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I. cash cash 1 [kæʆ] noun [uncountable] FINANCE
1. money in the form of notes and coins, rather than cheques, credit cards etc:

• I'm bringing $400 in traveller's cheques and $100 in cash.

• All deals are done in hard cash or by bank transfer.

— see also e-cash
ˌpetty ˈcash
a small amount of cash that is kept in an office for making small payments:

• In a small office, items like stationery and coffee are usually paid for out of the petty cash.

2. pay cash to pay for something immediately with money or a cheque, rather than at a later time:

• Are you paying cash or do you have an account?

3. money rather than shares, bonds etc:

• Instead of paying cash for their bonds, they can offer bondholders common shares.

• The real debt crisis won't come until next year, when it must start paying cash instead of paper to some debt holders.

— see also documents against cash
4. money that is immediately available, for example in bank accounts or in the form of shares etc that can be easily sold:

• The company has $1 billion in ready cash and the ability to borrow much more.

ˈvault cash
FINANCE another name for reserves:

• $2 billion came from the sale of assets, and $3 billion from surplus vault cash.

  [m0] II. cash cash 2 verb
BANKING cash a cheque/​postal order/​draft etc to exchange a cheque etc for cash:

• Can you cash my traveller's cheques here?

cash in phrasal verb
1. [intransitive] to profit from a situation, sometimes in a way that other people may consider wrong or unfair:
cash in on

• Counterfeiters are trying to cash in on the huge demand for Levi jeans.

2. [transitive] cash something → in FINANCE to exchange an investment for cash:

• A cut in Spanish interest rates caused him to cash in his Spanish government bonds.

• Computer-related shares, which have been strong performers lately, fell as investors cashed in gains (= to receive their profits ) .

3. cash in your chips informal FINANCE to sell all your investment in something
cash out phrasal verb [intransitive] FINANCE
to sell an investment:
cash out of

• The fund doubled its money when it cashed out of Louisiana Gas.

cash up also cash out phrasal verb [intransitive] COMMERCE
to add up and check the amount of money earned in a shop in a day

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   Collective term for ready money (coins and banknotes) at the bank and in hand, together with short-term deposits and other liquid assets.

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cash UK US /kæʃ/ noun [U]
MONEY money in the form of notes and coins, rather than cheques, bank cards, etc.: in cash »

Many tradespeople prefer to be paid in cash.


How would you like to pay, card or cash?


We were forced to pay cash since the card machine was not working.

take/accept cash »

Be warned: most gas stations in the area take cash only.

FINANCE money rather than shares, bonds, etc.: »

The buying company will offer cash or shares in their company in return for shares in the company it wants to buy.


The account has the ability to hold cash and investments.

MONEY, FINANCE money in general, especially money that is available to use immediately: »

I'm a bit short of cash at the moment.

raise/get/have cash »

A rights issue is an occasion when a company issues new shares to raise cash.

need/spend/save cash »

Do you need cash for a business idea?

See also ALL-CASH(Cf. ↑all-cash), BULK CASH(Cf. ↑bulk cash), DIGITAL CASH(Cf. ↑digital cash), E-CASH(Cf. ↑e-cash), HARD CASH(Cf. ↑hard cash), NON-CASH(Cf. ↑non-cash), PETTY CASH(Cf. ↑petty cash), READY CASH/MONEY(Cf. ↑ready cash/money), VAULT CASH(Cf. ↑vault cash)
See Note MONEY(Cf. ↑money)
cash UK US /kæʃ/ verb, T
to exchange something for cash: »

cash a cheque/paycheck/traveller's cheque

cash a bond/voucher »

There are some tax aspects to consider when you cash the bond.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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